Re: [ldm-users] 20151027: NOAAPORT SBN outage this morning

On Tue, 27 Oct 2015, William Pennoyer wrote:

Thanks all. My suspicions are confirmed.

Tom Yoksas wrote on 10/27/2015 2:11 PM:
Hi William, Ryan, et. al,

William Pennoyer asked:
Did anybody lose their noaaport connection for a bit between 1430Z and 15Z today?

Here in UCAR, we logged no data ingested in the various SBN channels
this morning:

channel     quiescent period
nwstg  - 14:37:50Z to 14:54:02Z
nwstg2 - 14:37:59Z to 14:55:10Z
oconus - 14:36:11Z to 14:40:02Z
goes   - 14:39:42Z to 14:40:24Z
nother - 13:10:44Z to 14:55:15Z


Yep. This was because they switched from the BNCF back to the ANCF to do
network work at the ANCF. There was a similar loss back on 10/22 when they
switched from ANCF to BNCF, at the same time. It was all planned.
NOUS72 KNCF messages had the notices that this was going to happen.


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