[ldm-users] striker2 (nldn feed) and www.atmos.albany.edu might move tomorrow

Hi all,
     The campus seems to be experiencing some networking issues.
They are moving things around, and some of those moves are causing
us network performance issues during normal working hours.
We were planning to do a coordinated move of our web and nldn server,
but we may have to fast track this if performance problems continue.

It is possible (likely) that we will have to move striker2.atmos.albany.edu
and www.atmos.albany.edu to a different subnet tomorrow morning.
Both machines (really one machine) might be moving from to with very short notice.
We’ll set up our DNS to propagate the new addresses quickly.
But there will be some down time as we reconfigure and move
network wires. Currently we expect this to happen around 11am Eastern
Time. Our goal was to make this change seamless, but performance
issues beyond our control might make this impossible. 

If you use FQDM you should be OK and have to do nothing (except
tollerate some down time). If you use IP numbers you’ll have to change

Sorry for the short notice. Thanks for your understanding.


David Knight
Dept. of Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences  Tel: (518)-442-4204
University at Albany, ES-228                     Fax: (518)-442-4494
Albany, NY  12222                              Email: dknight@xxxxxxxxxx

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