Re: [ldm-users] ldm-6.12.14 install problems

I have a major-or-minor problem in upgrading from 6.12.9 depending on your 
point of view  

I now have to go into $HOME/bin and run ./ldmadmin to get ldm to stop start or 

whereas  before  I was able to issue ldmadmin anywhere in $HOME did I screw 
something up ??for what it matters ldm ‘appears’ to be running fine



make sure your .bash_profile has the appropriate entries in order to set ldm to 
your home environment.. if ldm is your user, it may look something like this 
from my .bash_profile


export PATH=/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/sbin:$HOME/decoders:$HOME/util:$HOME/bin:$PATH

export MANPATH=$HOME/share/man:/usr/bin/man







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