Re: [ldm-users] [noaaport] NOUS

On Fri, 14 Aug 2015, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

We've been getting a lot of metar fluff over the noaaport admin mailx
pattern action lately.. seems like it is mostly NOUS92 (specifically NOUS92
KOHX) so I adjusted the entry to keep those messages out, but am worried
about missing something important and timely. do we have an updated list of
important headers to watch for lately? . my entry is about as old as I am.
and that's pretty bad lol :)

I think you should be in good shape. Those haven't changed much at all over the last decade. If you are getting the NOUS72 messages about NOAAport or other outages, NOXX01 messages...and of course the system change notices, you should be good.


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