[ldm-users] LDM tables issue?

Fellow LDMers:

Sorry to bother the list with what is probably a tables problem.

Our ldmd.log files are filling with errors like the following:

Jun  3 09:24:45 noaaportIngester[26097] ERROR: [gb22gem.c:76] [GB 1]
Couldn't get parameter values
Jun  3 09:24:45 noaaportIngester[26097] ERROR: [grib2name.c:780] Couldn't
decode GRIB2 message. WMO header="LGXP30 KNHC 030600"

All error messages point to the NHC probabilistic storm surge/inundation
products.  I suspect this is a table issue, but I'm not sure which table to
update and what info to use to update the table.

Any suggestions?  Maybe some updated tables exist somewhere?  We are
running ldm-6.12.13




Bruce Haynie, NW5S
Electronic Systems Analyst
National Weather Service
Lubbock, TX
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