[ldm-users] data archive at Texas A&M down 23-Apr-2015 to about 29-Apr-2015

For as long as I can remember we have kept an archive here for LDM users
from across the educational and research in atmospheric sciences.

Tomorrow, we will begin over because we aren't doing well with the current
filesystem. With the 22-24 T we are working with, it is estimated we will
need our server to be down for 6 to 7 days.

*With that said, this will have NO affect on theLDM server (**ldm.tamu.edu
<http://ldm.tamu.edu>) or our relay servers.*

When this maintenance is complete, we will build up an archive of 90-days
of radar NEXRAD II and NEXRAD III data. GFS and other models will have a
30-days retention. While MADIS will be something we will hold onto for as
long as possible.

We have RAMADDA on our server earthdata.tamu.edu. Please direct questions
and requests to tamu-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.

I apologize in advance for anyone getting duplicates of this announcement.

Donna Cote
Senior Research Associate
Texas A&M University
The Academy for Telecommunications and Learning Technologies
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