[ldm-users] 20150405: motherlode.ucar.edu is down and ETA for return to service is unknown

Users of services hosted on motherlode.ucar.edu:

Last night, April 4, shortly before 8 pm MDT, motherlode.ucar.edu hung.
The machine was rebooted and the root, swap, and home raids that were
damaged have been recreated, but the machine is exhibiting a persistent
loading problem that is preventing it from being returned to service.

Since an ETA for return to service is not known at this point, users
are advised to use the services that motherlode provides (e.g., TDS
via thredds.ucar.edu, ADDE via adde.ucar.edu, etc.) on other motherlode
class machines:


We will update relevant email lists as soon as we have an estimate of
when motherlode can be return to service.

We apologize for the iconvenience that this outage may be causing.

Unidata User Support
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