[ldm-users] NOAAPort limit

The speed of NOAAPort bandwidth being disseminated has reached a cap somewhere 
up the line. To explain what I am seeing, please notice this graphic:


The chart is an automated Munin chart. In this instance, the inbound traffic is 
via NOAAPort only, and the outbound traffic is what is disseminated via this 
‘relay’ to its associated downstream boxes.

In the box noted as “A” we see a ‘flatline’ region of inbound traffic somewhere 
in the neighborhood of 25mb/sec, with small peaks to ‘exactly’ 30mb/sec (as 
noted on the “max” notation in the bottom right). At this time, the outbound 
traffic to downstream servers shown above the box displays no flatline, so we 
know it is not an internal limit of the router, but that router is a 1gb 
router, so it shouldn’t be a problem. This peak occurred as shown in the 
timestamp yesterday.beginning around 6am.

In the box noted as “B” we see a flatline for last night through this morning 
running for pretty much the entire day fluctuating between 22-24mb/sec peaking 
again at the 30mb/sec max. 

If memory serves, on our old settings NOAAPort was maxed out at 30mb/sec, but 
the upgrade was supposed to be to 100mb/sec. As the chart shows, the flatline / 
capping on the receiving end is not a physical limitation of the hardware, 
therefore the limit must be within the satellite itself, or the upstream feed 
to the satellite.

Hope everyone has a great weekend 



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development
Media Logic Group


FB: http://www.facebook.com/wxprofessor


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