Re: [ldm-users] Is the edex-azure server up?

On Mon, 12 Jan 2015, Van Tress,Michael J (BPA) - PGPW-5 wrote:

I didn't see an AWIPS II mailing list, so I thought this would be an 
appropriate place.

There is an AWIPS-II mailing list, you can send a subscribe request to 'awips2-users-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. Though there hasn't been any traffic since I joined a week ago.

Is the edex-azure server up? Or am I just not able to get to it. I tried to ping and get nothing.

Interesting.  It's not responding to ldmpings either:

[402] vortex% ldmping
Jan 13 18:50:19 INFO: State Elapsed Port Remote_Host rpc_stat Jan 13 18:50:19 INFO: Resolving to took 0.099955 seconds Jan 13 18:50:29 ERROR: SVC_UNAVAIL 10.094876 0 h_clnt_create( Timed out while creating connection

I don't know if edex servers are supposed to respond to ldmpings.

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State University of New York

Thanks so much!

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