[ldm-users] 20150113: 2nd/final notice of impending change to CONDUIT GFS Product IDs

Unidata CONDUIT Users:

Tomorrow, January 14 an upgrade to the NCEP GFS/GDAS will cause changes
to LDM/IDD Product IDs for CONDUIT GFS global products, and these changes
may necessitate modification of LDM configuration and pattern-action
file actions.

The current GFS global fields have Product IDs that use the following
naming scheme:

Global Grid             Current 'name'                Forecast Hours
0.5 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrb2f(xx|xxx)       FH00-192/3
1.0 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrbf(xx|xxx).grib2  FH00-192/3
2.5 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrbfxxx.grib2       FH204-384/12

CC       - model cycle runtime (i.e., 00, 06, 12, 18)
xx,xxx   - forecast hour of product from 00 - 384
YYYYMMDD - Year, Month and Day

Here are some examples of current LDM/IDD Product IDs for GFS global
products in the CONDUIT datastream:

0.5 degree:
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2014122318/gfs.t18z.pgrb2f03 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#000/201
412231800F003/TMPK/1000 hPa PRES! 000174
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2014122712/gfs.t12z.pgrb2f192 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#000/20
1412271200F192/TMPK/1000 hPa PRES! 000174

1.0 degree:
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2014122318/gfs.t18z.pgrbf03.grib2 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#00
0/201412231800F003/TMPK/925 hPa PRES! 000153
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2014122712/gfs.t12z.pgrbf192.grib2 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#0
00/201412271200F192/TMPK/925 hPa PRES! 000153

2.5 degree:
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2015010512/gfs.t12z.pgrbf204.grib2 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#0
00/201501051200F204/TMPK/2 m HGHT! 000195
data/nccf/com/gfs/prod/gfs.2015010512/gfs.t12z.pgrbf384.grib2 !grib2/ncep/GFS/#0
00/201501051200F384/TMPK/2 m HGHT! 000195

The GFS update will result in regularization of Product IDs to use
the following naming scheme:

Global Grid             New 'name'                 Forecast Hour
0.5 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrb2.0p50.fFFF   FH000-384/3
1.0 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrb2.1p00.fFFF   FH000-384/3
2.5 degree resolution   gfs.tCCz.pgrb2.2p50.fFFF   FH000-384

CC       - model cycle runtime (i.e., 00, 06, 12, 18)
FFF      - forecast hour of product from 000 - 384
YYYYMMDD - Year, Month and Day


The change in the GFS global Product IDs will likely require CONDUIT
users to modify the extended regular expressions that they are using
in LDM configuration file (~ldm/etc/ldmd.conf) REQUESTs and/or in
pattern-action file actions.


- the most straightforward way for CONDUIT users to prepare for the GFS
  upgrade is:

  - first, backup your CONDUIT pattern-action file(s) before making any

  - replicate pattern-action file(s) CONDUIT action(s) affected by the
    name changes listed above

  - adjust the extended regular expression in the replicated entry(ies)
    to reflect the name changes listed above

  - test to make sure that the edits to the pattern-action file(s) have
    no gross errors (e.g., typos) using:

    ldmadmin pqactcheck

    If errors are indicated, re-edit the file(s) to correct the error(s)
    and rerun 'ldmadmin pqactcheck'.

  - after there is no indication of pattern-action file errors, make
    the editing changes active using:

    ldmadmin pqactHUP

  The existing actions will remain viable until the Product ID change,
  and the new actions will become viable after the Product ID change.
  Once the name change is finalized, the old CONDUIT actions can be
  safely deleted from the pattern-action file(s).

- detailed information on current NCEP GFS product sets and those that are
  scheduled to become available on January 14 can be found at:


  January GFS Upgrade:

Please send any questions/comments about the impacts of the impending
change to:

Unidata CONDUIT Support <support-conduit@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

Best regards,

Unidata User Support
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