[ldm-users] peer request & network changes

We're about to bring online another server (gigabit symmetric) to add to
our fleet, and we're sort of in need of peers for some feeds...so it's time
for my quasi-yearly beg-a-thon for data providers for any of these
'critical need' feeds:

- Any/all text (IDS|DDPLUS, HDS, WMO, etc)
- Firehose for NEXRAD2 and NEXRAD3
- Some graphics and specialty feeds (NGRID, UNIWISC, etc)

With this newest server, we'll have just over 4Gbps of bandwidth in our
fleet, and we're always happy to barter with "ALLOW" entries on our other
servers.  With our bandwidth capability and pooling, we're trying to get
higher tier feeds from UNIDATA, but that's a slow process.

If someone from UNIDATA/UCAR wants to contact me directly about becoming a
> tier-1 or tier-2 feed provider on LDM, please feel free to do so.  I'll be
> happy to share our philosophy and network infrastructure details with
> you...and explain WHY it is that we nonprofit guys have so much bandwidth
> and why we're eager to share it.  We're an open company who wants to help
> bolster the LDM data feeds and take some of the burden of hoofing the data
> away from academia and the government.

Can anyone lend us a hand?  If so, please feel free to contact me directly.
 (I hate to sound like a beggar, but we're wanting to make this new server
our clearinghouse...so I want to bolster it with as many providers as
possible.)   We *always* reciprocate those who feed us data with "ALLOW"
lines to your servers on our entire fleet of LDM servers as a courtesy (and
as a backup to you).  To those of us who are already helping us by feeding
us data...we thank you kindly.

We're also about to release some free services for the community that we
think you'll love -- and while we're happy to pay to keep our servers
running (and the bits flowing to a lot of people)...the one thing we can't
buy is access to feeds on LDM.

In the meantime, if anyone needs primary (or backup) feed(s), we'll
definitely add you to our servers if we can.  THAT policy *always* stands:
 if you need data feeds, we will provide to you if we (a) have the capacity
and (b) it doesn't conflict with our non-profit mission and core
charter/philosophy.  In other words, if we can help you, we will...whether
it's a primary connection/feed or a backup.

NOTE:  We're happy to give away access to feeds that don't consume much
> bandwidth (like NGRID or text feeds) to almost anyone.  If you want the
> "firehose" feed for NEXRAD2/NEXRAD3 (something that can consume/require
> about 50Mbps at peak), we usually vet this a little more carefully if we
> don't have a gentlemen's barter agreement in place.  (While we do have a
> lot of bandwidth, it's important to me that our servers be able to deliver
> every ALLOW entry we have to its full capacity...so I am careful not to
> over-provision.)

For our current downstream users on LDM:  this server will supersede two
servers we have at present at that same location, so we'll be reaching out
to you to give you the new IPs so you can test your connectivity to the new
server before we discontinue the two other servers we have at the same

Thanks again to the community for your continued help...and, as always, if
you need to get data, please don't hesitate to ask us.  If we can help you,
we will...and with our newest server that's coming online this week, we
should be able to accommodate a LOT of downstream peers.

∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙  ∙
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Blair Trosper
  Updraft Networks
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