[ldm-users] MADIS data ingest

I was looking to setup my LDM to ingest MADIS data.

FSL provided the following info for the ldmd.conf

 request  FSL2  "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.(maritime)"    ldm.madis
 request  FSL2  "^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.(metar)"        ldm.madis

For the pqact, they provided the following:

 FSL2    ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.maritime\.(.*)   FILE -overwrite
-close -log -edex   /usr/local/ldm/etc/MADIS.sh
/awips2/data_store/manual/point/maritime/netcdf \1
 FSL2    ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.metar\.(.*)    FILE -overwrite
-close -log -edex   /usr/local/ldm/etc/MADIS.sh
/awips2/data_store/manual/point/metar/netcdf \1

I added their script, data directory and attempted to run, but every time I
try, I get the following error, "Checking pqact(1) configuration-file(s)...
    /usr/local/ldm/etc/pqact.conf: remove leading spaces in the following:
        1: FSL2    ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.maritime\.(.*)
        4: FSL2    ^FSL\.CompressedNetCDF\.MADIS\.metar\.(.*) "

Does anyone know what this means? I made sure everything was tab-spaced.
I'm not entirely sure I need the script for edex either.

- Justin
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