[ldm-users] LDM & IPv6

(If this question sounds stupid, it's because I've been basically out of
the loop the last two months because of back surgery.)

Are there any plans to pimp LDM's ride to incorporate IPv6 support?  This
support ticket has the powers that be saying LDM wouldn't run well over

I'm calling "[citation needed'} on that.

With the large datasets that are inevitable with MPAR and the like -- plus
the benefits of the IPv6 packet (read: "NO FRAGMENTATION") and how
integrated it is into Internet2 and other backbones crucial to LDM data --
that IPv6 would basically be an ideal companion.

As a technical person, that whole response seems pretty ignorant.  I don't
say that to be hostile.  I realize the code changes would be
non-trivial...but pretty much anything you do code wise in networking or
meteorology is non-trivial.  I think the question becomes "is it worth it";
or, more specifically, "will it be worth it, and is IPv4 ultimately going
to fail us with its built in shortcomings".

I've always felt like it was a shame that it's 2014 and LDM still isn't
dual-stack friendly.  I have strong opinions about IPv6 when it comes to
moving large quantities of data 24/7...I hope that sentiment is coming
through as I type.

(Bracing for polarizing debate...)

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