Re: [ldm-users] HRRR on NOAAport...correct WMO headers?

On Wed, 1 Oct 2014, Benjamin Schwedler wrote:


Looks like you are missing a period after the C before the splat. Trying to match too many Cs!

Currently in our NRS queue is below,


NGRID   YDCA98 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/FHRS//LVL
NGRID YYCA86 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/201410011300F000/CINS/255-0 hPa PDLY
NGRID   YECA98 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/201410011300F000/P00M/0 - NONE
NGRID   YXCA86 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/FHRS//LVL
NGRID   YYCA98 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/201410011300F000/CINS/0 - NONE
NGRID YYCA86 KWBY 011300 !grib2/ncep/83/#255/201410011300F000/CINS/90-0 hPa PDLY

Thanks, Ben, I appreciate it! I thought you could do that...but we'll get the next run. Take care!


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