Re: [ldm-users] ldmadmin.lck


The LDM user must own the directory.

'chown ldm:ldmGroupID /usr/local/ldm'

Replace ldmGroupID with the name or ID of the LDM user's primary user group.

And the owner / group should have write permissions.

'chmod 0774 /usr/local/ldm'

Hopefully the same has been done for your data directories as well.

If you still have trouble, run 'ls -al /usr/local/ldm' and send us the
result in a reply. Permissions of the files/folders beneath /usr/local/ldm
may need tweaking as well. In which case you can apply the above commands
with the '-R' flag for a recursive permission change.
On Sep 17, 2014 9:11 AM, "Justin Balbierer" <jbalbier@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I am attempting to make a queue with ldmadmin, but run into the following
> error:
> [ldm@localhost ~]$ ldmadmin mkqueue -f
> getLock(): Cannot create/open lock-file "/usr/local/ldm/.ldmadmin.lck"
> I assume it has something to do with ownership. Does anyone know exactly
> what I need to change?
> Justin
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