[ldm-users] ldm upgrade - pid error

When we originally upgraded novra firmware and the noaaport ingest package.. 
somewhere along the line we learned that the PID sequence should look something 
like this:

# DVB-S ingest
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"

where ran from 1-8 

then we learned that 9-10 was supposed to be in there...

wonderfully however, I just learned perhaps it goes back to the original   I 
just noticed emmerson upgraded to ldm 6.12.6 and he shoots out an error letting 
me know what’s wrong

ldm@dish2r2:~/var/logs$ grep PID ldmd.log
Sep  9 15:49:32 dish2r2 noaaportIngester[14599] ERROR: [multicastReader.c:54] 
Invalid NOAAPORT PID channel: 10
Sep  9 15:49:32 dish2r2 noaaportIngester[14598] ERROR: [multicastReader.c:54] 
Invalid NOAAPORT PID channel: 9

so I re-edited ldmd.conf and ran from and saw that errors did not 
occur for 7 or 8, so I’m assuming we should now have the following entry in our 
ldmd.conf.. can anyone confirm? 

# DVB-S ingest
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"
EXEC    "noaaportIngester -m"



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