[ldm-users] Where things stand with the new NOAAport feed

So here's a quick update:

1. If you have your receiver tuned to the new NOAAport frequency, you
saw that the signal disappeared for a good chunk of the day today. They
are having an RF issue at the NWS' primary uplink site. They backed down
on the power afer they came back up after working on some things.
Unfortunately, it didn't solve the packet loss problem, and worse, even if
you are on the NovraV2R7 firmware, you're now getting packets lost like
crazy, which wasn't happening before. They are going to shut it off again
tomorrow to once again try to fix the issue. And speaking of Novra...

2. Novra knows about the issue, but they thought it was the NWS having
uplink issues causing all the problems. After explaining to them that R7
works good but R11 chokes, I then provided them wwith an ldmd.log to look
at to see what packets are being dropped, and how. They are examining and
analyzing them to come up with a solution.

3. This is minor for now, but I await LDM 6.11.5 to handle the
two extra NOAAport channels. In beta testing/pre-release now.

4. This is all supposed to be fixed and fine on 9/1/1. That's on Labor Day, of course, and Novra and the NWS engineers would really like to have that weekend off. 9/1 is when the new signal is to be commissioned and the transistion of all Novras should be done. Will it happen? There are smart people working on all of these issues...and they accept the challenge.

Stay tuned. It's only Tuesday.


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