[ldm-users] Hold off on upgrading the firmware on your Novras...

Hello everyone,

Well, what can I say. This is a case where having the latest firmware
on a satellite receiver isn't a great idea, at least for the moment.

Stonie Cooper has discovered that the Novra S300N V2R11 firmware upgrade
actually introduces a bug into the receiver, whereby it decodes packets
out of sequence. This causes the LDM to reject a lot of packets. This
issue is NOT in the firmware version V2R7, so if you haven't
upgraded yet, don't!

Sorry...I had no idea that upgrade caused the bug. I am now in contact with Novra to see if:

1) Those who upgraded can roll back to V2R7
2) They plan to release an upgrade

Since a number of NWS field offices have V2R11, and noting Novra's excellent customer service to me in the past and present, I have no doubt a timely resolution is forthcoming. I'll keep everyone posted.


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