[ldm-users] IDD Feeds for new LDM Setup (Skywarn Texas)


Okay we're a few weeks from having the new NOAAPORT dish in and feeding, but I just finished building a new LDM and GEMPAK architecture to provide detailed model data and analysis to Texas Spotter, Emergency Managers, and meteorologists.

I have had skywarn-texas.org for many years and for a while even had an ldm up an running being fed by one of Mr. Creager's machines when he was still at TAMU. My full time meteorology job was far too demanding for me to add or even play with any of the systems I donated to the spotter groups.

Now, I have a large enough staff and more time to allow for me to really 'play'. I'm pleased I built the LDM/GEMPAK system from the ground up on a Fedora 18 OS.... Not once did I get help from our tech guys, more as a matter of shear stubbornness rather than doing the right thing.

I'm sure there are 100 things still wrong, that I look forward to learning at every step. But as of now I need some feed data, so I need to know who I should talk to to get some feeds rolling my way. I may even bend your ear on the ldm.conf so I get it right.

I look forward to contributing as much as I can and now with more time and resources I expect that will be lots.

Thanks in advance,

John Austin Basham
President/Senior Meteorologist
The Storm Spotter Project
Reno, Texas

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