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On Mon, 30 Jun 2014, wxprofessor@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

A few years ago some of us shared our NOAAPort Signal Status information and monitoring sites. Since we just setup our second dish, i decided to rewrite and update my custom monitoring applications, and share the output again, in addition to sharing cmcs Signal Characteristics.

If interested here:

The top two tables are live output of standard signal characteristics such as signal / data lock, signal strength, vber, ctn etc..

Next signal strength and ctn are charted, with historical information back to one year old by choosing the associated link. The second dish is only recently in operation, so only has recent data.

Also included are screencaps of CMCS and Novramon interface settings, which new users may find useful if you find yourself with a signal lock but no data coming through.. you are likely pointed at the wrong bird :) You may wish to note Symbol Rate in such a situation :)

At the bottom are three other sources who provide their data that I am aware of, such as Stonie, Jose, and Gilbert. If anyone else makes their data available, it might be helpful to share, as every once in awhile we have those days when rabid squirrels are running around the NOAAPort signal :)

Enjoy the short week! :)



Thanks for doing this, Patrick, that's very cool and I appreciate it.
Take care!


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