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You are going to have to have someone forward packets from the outside IP on 
the LDM ports to your inside machine. That's for INCOMING only though, outgoing 
should be fine as long as they don't filter them.
Ray Weber
On Monday, June 30, 2014 2:51pm, "Karen Cooper - NOAA Affiliate" 
<karen.cooper@xxxxxxxx> said:


We currently have that at NSSL, with the servers having internal 172.16.x.x 
addresses, with a static 129.15.x.x NAT for the outside world to see.  

The firewall should take care of everything.  Outside users will request from 
your "normal" address, and if anyone is requesting from you that is also 
"inside" they can request from the internal address, without having to go 
through the firewall.   For your requests, they will be seen from the outside 
as the "normal" address with not work on your side, and data should be passed 
back through the firewall to your server.  

Your LDM should not go kerblooey, it should be fine.  The only thing I can 
think you might want to change is the allow/request of any systems you want to 
feed internally.  

On Mon, Jun 30, 2014 at 1:44 PM, Gilbert Sebenste <[ 
sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ]( mailto:sebenste@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx )> 
So, our University is switching to go to a 10.x.x.x
 IP address system, routable within the University.
 I need to understand how this will work, but
 they told me I could have an internal 10.X.X.X
 IP address for my servers, but still point externally
 to a "normal" IP address to external users.

 Does your entity do this, and how does that work on a CentOS
 5/6 environment? Will my LDM go kerblooey as a result?


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