Re: [ldm-users] SSEC Global IR Composite (new product)

IDV 5.0 displays these images fine (be sure to specify that they should be 
opened as type: “McIDAS AREA files”).  Map backgrounds appear correctly.

I can also confirm that GEMPAK/NMAP2 7.3 can display the images ok, but map 
backgrounds do not appear.

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Hi Evan,

I also can't view the image on IDV(still using 4.1...upgrading to 5.0 is on the 
list of "tasks to do"), but it's viewable on Gempak's nmap2(using 6.10). The 
only thing I've noticed since we started ingesting the files(IR and WV) is that 
nmap doesn't plot a geographic background nor can I zoom in on any particular 
spot on the picture.  Perhaps the navigation information within the file is 
different from Mcidas area files and gini image files.

I've attached the gif image(with IR color enhancement) from nmap2.



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On 06/12/2014 07:46 AM, Evan Lowery wrote:
Hi all,

Has anyone started ingesting the new SSEC Global IR composite imagery (new Apr 
Global Rectilinear Thermal Infrared composite  20 km  PNGA   ★ new product

Details of updated / new files:

I added the example pqact entry:

The resulting files (sample attached - apologies for the file size) are coming 
up garbled when loaded into the IDV / GEMPAK.  Has anyone had success ingesting 
the data?  I wasn’t sure whether this was an issue with the incoming data, the 
pqact entry, perhaps the pnga2area decoder, or just user error.

Evan Lowery


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