Re: [ldm-users] NEXRAD2/NEXRAD3 lag?

Hi Blair,

We are still seeing this.  I know the TOC was made aware of this issue two
weeks ago, but despite all our servers being 0 seconds lagged on the
NEXRAD2 feed tree, our data (from multiple providers who are also not
lagged) is at least 10 minutes behind.

Been off the grid, for the most part, or I would have answered earlier. Things to look for:

Can you do a traceroute to the servers in question? See if anything is
jammed up inbetween them and you.

Are all network cards set at least at 100 mb? If 10 mb, it can't handle it.

Is the system clock correct? Are you using ntp? This is a must.

Also, this page is a 500 internal server error and has been for months, and nobody has fixed it or seems to even notice:

And this one takes over a minute to load:

...but you can verify from the second link that we're not lagging (search
for "tampa" or "chicago").

Give those a try aboove, and see what happens.


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