[ldm-users] Spotty NAM

Over the last few runs, I've noticed that CONDUIT NAM has been short quite a 
few fields at various forecast hours. Since I pull NAM off of my NOAAPORT feed, 
I don't always notice when fields are missing, but it's severe weather season 
and some helicity fields are only available on the CONDUIT stream. 

Has anyone else noticed this issue? 

Here is a graphic that compares NAM products coming directly off my dish, and 
those with the DISH + CONDUIT backup:


Notice that NOAAPORT NAM seems just fine, but CONDUIT + NOAAPORT have issues. 
F000-F18 seems ok, then spotty, then F027 + F 039 seem ok, then the rest have 
issues all the way through.

Maybe we can get grid number 59 added to noaaport? 



Patrick L. Francis
Vice President of Research & Development
Media Logic Group


FB: http://www.facebook.com/wxprofessor


PNG image

PNG image

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