[ldm-users] 20140220: UNIWISC sat images coming in over LDM?

Hi Evan and fellow ldm-users,

>Did MCIDAS (UNIWISC) images stopped coming in over the LDM (i.e. MOLLWEIDE)
>around Feb 10?

That this image sector stopped being included in the Unidata-Wisconsin
(IDD feedtype UNIWISC) datastream was not intentional.  Instead, it
appears to have happened by a combination of factors:

- the UW/SSEC machine that was creating the Mollweide global composite
  is being retired

- the generation of the Unidata-Wisconsin image products is being
  moved to a machine in the Amazon EC2 west cloud

  The good news about this move is that the set of images that
  will be in the reconstituted UNIWISC feed has more and better
  coverages that we are certain will be welcome by the entire

  The other good news is that the generation of the FNEXRAD NEXRAD
  Level III composites is also being moved (from motherlode.ucar.edu)
  to the same Amazon EC2 cloud instance that is now generating the
  UNIWISC images.

We expect to announce the content of the newly constituted UNIWIC and
FNEXRAD datastreams in the next few days.  The only hold-up is finishing
and releasing new GEMPAK and McIDAS distributions that support the new
imagery that is coming.

Please stay tuned...


* Tom Yoksas                                            UCAR Unidata Program *
* (303) 497-8642 (last resort)                                 P.O. Box 3000 *
* yoksas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                  Boulder, CO 80307 *
* Unidata WWW Service                            http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/*

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