Re: [ldm-users] Power outage in ES Building Basement : network is down

And ... as soon as I sent the previous email ... power has been restored.  
Internet should be working again ... thanks for your patience.

Kevin Tyle, Systems Administrator 
Dept. of Atmospheric & Environmental Sciences   
University at Albany
Earth Science 235, 1400 Washington Avenue                        
Albany, NY 12222
Email: ktyle@xxxxxxxxxx
Phone: 518-442-4578                             

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From: Tyle, Kevin R 
Sent: Tuesday, December 04, 2012 11:52 AM
To: DAES All; ldm-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: Power outage in ES Building Basement : network is down

Hi all,

There is a power problem in the Earth Science basement at UAlbany which has 
caused the network devices that serve our department to go offline. Personnel 
are working to restore service but we have no estimated time of repair. This 
will mean no Internet access to and from the department will be available until 
power is restored.

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