[ldm-users] NOAAport outages since Sandy

Hello everyone,

As has been documented by a number of folks, the NOAAPort signal is
fluctuating, and erratic...and occasionally the signal strength drops to
zero, and yesterday we had a NOAAport outage for over 15 minutes.

I just called the NWS Network Control Facility (NCF) to find out what is
happening. What they told me is that they are on their backup system
for uplink and for message/data handling, and, in essence, it's not
working optimally. All data is getting through, but there have been
dropouts for several minutes, and I noticed that yesterday. They
acknowledged them, and they have been working to improve the stability
which resulted in one of those outages yesterday. Just today they raised
the power on the bird (I noticed that, the NWS didn't tell me), to handle
signal losses from the storm, which they are allowed to do...but do expect
occasional data/signal dropouts to continue until further notice.


http://noaaport.admin.niu.edu:8025 to get a visual of what is happening.


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