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Noaaporters / ldmers,


I have alarms setup so that if signal lock or data lock is lost for '1
second' I receive an alert. These alerts have been sent off and on over the
last few days, and then from last night through this afternoon fairly
consistently. Data in most instances is streaming through, but I am still
obviously concerned.


As most of you know I have chart compilations from various sources that
share their noaaport information here:



If you look closely under "Carrier to Noise," the big (and beautiful!) chart
Stonie Cooper provides, shows that even with his massive dish, he is showing
missing frames with burps in his ratio. Note other sources such as Gary
Shuford in New Orleans, Jose Nieves in Puerto Rico, and mine at the top also
show problems.


Under signal strength, notice that Jose, Gary, and myself all three are
showing a loss of signal.


I checked spaceweather.com so solar flares don't seem to be an issue, and
had one of our techs go up and "kick the dish," but the problems still
persist. What's really odd is that overall, data still seems to flow though
there is a burp in the signal. Is it possibly an uplink issue somehow due to
sandy, or an issue with the sat itself? I know sniffing the signal every
'second' is a bit much, but I've been doing it for years and have never seen
anything like this before.







Patrick L. Francis


Media Logic Group / HAMWeather




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