[ldm-users] NY connectivity (still up if you need some)

Our servers and connectivity at our Albany, NY datacenter is so far
unaffected by Sandy...and we do not anticipate any interruption, due to the
DC deriving its power from alternative sources from the normal "grid".

If anyone reliant on data from/to that region needs a backup feed in lieu
of other servers/feeds that are down in that area, please let us know.
 We'll be happy to lend "ALLOW" lines for anyone that needs them until
power is restored for any other affected servers in the region.

We'll try to help the community and carry any traffic we can for anyone
who's down or needs help getting back up.  You're welcome to contact me
directly if you need help with data/feed issues in the region.  We have
about 100Mbps to spare at that location.

Blair Trosper
Updraft Networks
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