[ldm-users] 20121012: No Mcidas area files

Hi James,

>Our server hasn't received any McIDAS area file images(GOES14 and 
>GOES15) since 1930 UTC yesterday(11 Oct). Is there something wrong with 
>the data feed on the IDD?

We verified your findings and are investigating.

>I'm still receiving NWS gini satellite imagery fine, however.

The NIMAGE images (GINI from NOAAPort) have multiple insertion points in
the IDD (from a number of NOAAPort ingest machines).  The UNIWISC (aka
MCIDAS) images are created and inserted at a single point in the IDD,
and this is where we are concentrating our investigations.

We apologize for the data interruption!


* Tom Yoksas                                            UCAR Unidata Program *
* (303) 497-8642 (last resort)                                 P.O. Box 3000 *
* yoksas@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                                  Boulder, CO 80307 *
* Unidata WWW Service                            http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/*

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