[ldm-users] 20120924: GOES-East data?

Neil, et. al,

>I haven't noticed any notices regarding GOES imagery outage.
>Last data we have is 2115 for 23rd Sep.
>Am I missing something other my brain this morning?

GOES-13 (currently GOES-East) has experienced an anamoly and is currently
not sending imagery.  It appears that NESDIS is sending GOES-West scans
through GOES-East.

SSEC has switched to use of GOES-14 for the GOES-East sectors sent in
the Unidata-Wisconsin datastream (LDM/IDD feedtype UNIWISC aka MCIDAS).
Sites using Unidata-supplied/derived LDM pattern-action file actions
(e.g., GEMPAK and McIDAS users) will be processing the GOES-14 derived
image sectors in a GOES-14 directory hierarchy.  This switch will require
users to adapt their application setup to recognize and use the previously
non-existent GOES-14 branch.

We are monitoring the situation with GOES-13 and will update users as


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