[ldm-users] LDM Connectivity / Need Feeds for new gigabit servers :)


As promised, we've been working hard at Updraft Networks to build a robust
server infrastructure to help share and carry data.  That being said, we
need some connectivity of our own, and I'm reaching out to the community
hoping to get some additional peers.

Our edge capacity just went over 3Gbps as of tonight, and we need to get
some feeds for our new beefy servers in order to pass along the love.

Right now, we need to get a few servers fed...and then we have 2+ Gbps of
bandwidth to give away.

Here's what we have to offer (and need feeds for):

Chicago, IL (1Gbps on a Core2Quad with 16 GB RAM) - IPv4 for ping/trace:
- We're hoping to turn this into a NEXRAD2/NEXRAD3 "firehose" feed for
- We'd be delighted to have this be a tier 2 hub on the UNIDATA network for
NEXRAD2 or similar.
- BGP Peers (POP @ Equinix Chicago & CBOT Chicago): Hurricane Electric,
Comcast, Tinet, Atrato, Cogent, Level 3/GBLX + 40Gbps private peering

Tampa, FL #2 (1Gbps on an 8 core Xeon with 16 GB RAM) - IPv4 for
- This is our monster machine for doing processing of data, but it will
also carry text/volume/image data trees as well.
- BGP Peers (POP @ HiVelocity): Level 3/GBLX, Cogent, TW Telecom, Hurricane
Electric, ISC, Atrato

Salt Lake City, UT (100Mbps on a dual core Xeon with 4 GB RAM) - IPv4 for
- Heavy lifting for bandwidth/transit.  100% Green datacenter.
- BGP Peers (POP @ ViaWest SLC Cottonwood):  nLayer, Cogent, PCCW,

Denver, CO (100Mbps on a Core2Quad with 8 GB RAM) - IPv4 for ping/trace:
 TBA (should be online tonight or tomorrow morning)
- Heavy lifting for bandwidth/transit.
- BGP Peers (POP @ Comfluent Denver & 1500 Champa):  Hurricane Electric,
Tinet, Comcast, Cogent, Level 3/GLBX, Atrato + 30Gbps private peering

Not listed are our other servers in Tampa, FL (1Gbps, Albany, NY (100Mbps,
100% green DC), and Amarillo, TX (100Mbps on the Texas GigaPOP, which peers
directly with the NWS Southern Region HQ).  We have plans to spawn at least
another 100Mbps server on the west coast at some point in the next 6-8
months.  Depending on how our AS peering goes with transit costs and
agreements, we may bump that up to 1Gbps.

The one we'd like to get fed with everything/anything (with a priority on
NEXRAD2/NEXRAD3/images/text) is Chicago.  For SLC/Tampa/Denver, we'll
populate them as generously as anyone can provide "ALLOW" entries.  If you
have bandwidth to spare, please drop me a line.

Also, as always, if anyone needs feeds, we have an "always say yes" policy
as long as we have the capacity..and across our 3Gbps+ edge capacity, we've
got plenty of room to peer/provide LDM feeds.  So even if you'd just like
backup connections, please don't hesitate to let me know, and I will add
you on at least two of our servers.  We've filed the paperwork with ARIN,
and we'll be announcing and originating our own AS soon, and we'll have a
similar open peering agreement (having already secured many agreements with
universities in Texas and the Texas GigaPOP/Internet2/NLR.)

Thanks, as always, to the amazing community for your support.

If someone from UNIDATA wants to contact me directly about our 1Gbps server
in Chicago (re: making it a hub), I would welcome such an e-mail.

Thanks also to Texas A&M and Michigan Weather Systems for being so good to
us over the years in feeding our existing servers.  It's now our sole
directive and goal to share as much bandwidth as we can to bring the fun
and joy of LDM to any university, government agency, or curious mind who
might want to make use of it.  (We're trying to use our non-profit status
for good.)

Blair Trosper
Updraft Networks (formerly Weather Data)
Direct:  512-666-0536 (512-666-0-LDM)
NOC:  469-333-8008 / 469-844-4432

Please feel free to contact me regarding requests for data feeds and
allocations.  We're happy to share our bandwidth and resources with others
on the LDM network.
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