Re: [ldm-users] NEXRAD2 Latency/Fragmented Data?

On Fri, 27 Jul 2012, Blair Trosper wrote:

I am still seeing this latency...and a lot of us are running nearly an hour
behind (Michigan Weather Systems, TAMU, and my constellation of servers) on

Interesting. Sorry it has taken me so long to respond, but
I am gettign the feeds right on time. Blair, have you tried
something like this in your ldmd.conf:

exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/K[A-D] 
exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/K[E-K] 
exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/K[L-R] 
exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/K[S-Z] 
exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/T[A-Z] 
exec    "/home/ldm/bin/pqact -f NEXRAD2 -p BZIP2/P[A-Z] 

I saw some other servers (NSF and OU and Purdue) that were also behind by
at least 1500 seconds, and, in many cases, in excess of an hour.

I guess once that page is functoinal again (all feed tree pages seem to be
non-operational at present), we can perhaps figure out where the latency is
originating for the NEXRAD2 tree.

I just checked and you are way behind. Try the above, and then make sure you have bandwidth...or at least no latency. Shut down the NEXRAD2
feed, and type:


You should see very low ping times like:

/home/ldm% ldmping
Jul 30 22:03:15 INFO: State Elapsed Port Remote_Host rpc_stat Jul 30 22:03:15 INFO: Resolving to took 0.001364 seconds
Jul 30 22:03:15 INFO: RESPONDING   0.074434  388

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