[ldm-users] 1Gbps+ coming online in the next 6-8 weeks...

I'm pleased to announced that we'll be bringing on at least another 1Gbps
in capacity for LDM feeds divided between Chicago, IL and San Francisco, CA
(via Hurricane Electric).  This will bring our network's edge capacity up
to about 3Gbps, more than tripling it.  We plan to support IPv4, but will
also be running IPv6 natively through our BGP transit.  By the time the new
server(s) come online, we should also have our own AS to originate our
prefixes, as well, to make traditional BGP peering an option in addition to
LDM peering.

I've earmarked most of the bandwidth to be used for the NEXRAD2 tree (and
any other "high utilization" LDM feed), knowing there will be increased
demand for capacity as the improvements to the RADAR sites place ever more
data into the feed tree.  We're not affiliated with a university of
government agency, but we're also not a commercial enterprise.  We'd simply
like to help aleviate the burden that's placed on academia and the
government to shoulder the majority of expense with regard to equipment and
transit.  We're a quiet player with an interest in weather and a lot of
bandwidth to delegate.  :)

To that end, we'd be happy to become a higher-up "hub" within the feed tree
on LDM.  (Not sure with whom to speak about that @ UNIDATA.)

Also, since we have fat pipes (with plans to bring more on each quarter or
six months), I'd also like to explore getting a more reliable pool of
people to feed OUR firehose servers.  We're very interested in donating our
equipment and picking up the bill for transit, as we have an altruistic
interest in UNIDATA and the LDM network.  (Again, not sure with whom to
speak about helping to bolster the critical needs of the distribution
network.  We're willing to put up the capital to locate future servers
where they are topologically/geographically needed.  A continued thanks to
TAMU, Allison House, and Michigan Weather Systems for feeding us data the
last few years.)

And, as always, we're happy to share data and feed trees with anyone as
long as we have the capacity to give.  If you need backup ALLOW entries for
any feed trees we carry, just let me know.  We currently have servers in
these locations:

- Albany, New York (Cogent/TW Telecom/Fibertech)
- Amarillo, Texas (Texas GigaPOP/Level 3)
- Atlanta, Georgia (nLayer/PCCW/Linode)
- Dallas, Texas (SoftLayer)
- Denver, Colorado (TiNet/Comcast/FDC)
- Tampa, Florida (HiVelocity)

...so you can see why we're looking to bring up some beefy servers in
Chicago and on the west coast.

So...if someone from UNIDATA is amenable to my organization stepping up our
role in throwing bandwidth at the LDM community for free, you're welcome to
get in touch with me to discuss this psoposition. We'd love to get moving
and help carry some of the weight of transit/distribution/being a hub...and
delighted to make such a contribution.

Blair Trosper
Weather Data / Updraft Networks
Direct:  512-666-0536 (512-666-0-LDM)

Please feel free to contact me regarding requests for data feeds and
allocations.  We're happy to share our bandwidth and resources with others
on the LDM network.
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