[ldm-users] NEXRAD2 Latency/Fragmented Data?

We are (and have been for some time) seeing a huge latency (between 30 to
90 minutes) on the NEXRAD2 feed.  At present, our constellation of three
servers are pulling from Texas A&M (bigbird & idd) and Michigan Weather

Are there network issues or something I might be missing?

Additionally, I'm noticing that the data we do receive is often
incomplete.  For example, the most recent scan I received for KFWS (who has
been in 212 for the last few hours) included only 7 of the 14 tilts for
reflectivity, and some of the volume scans (like VIL) were absent entirely.

It's entirely possible that I need to tweak my pqact.conf settings, but it
seems like we didn't start having issues until the latency kicked up in the
last week or two.  Here is what we have now (an excerpt from
pqact.conf...feel free to correct me if we've got this wrong):


NEXRAD2 ^L2-BZIP2/(....)/([0-9]{8})([0-9]{4})[0-9]{2}/([0-9]{1,4}).*/[SI]
        FILE    data/nexrad2/\1/\1_\2-\3.part
NEXRAD2 ^L2-BZIP2/(....)/([0-9]{8})([0-9]{4})[0-9]{2}/([0-9]{1,4}).*/E
        FILE    -close data/nexrad2/\1/\1_\2-\3.part
NEXRAD2 ^L2-BZIP2/(....)/([0-9]{8})([0-9]{4})[0-9]{2}/([0-9]{1,4}).*/E
        EXEC    safemv data/nexrad2/\1/\1_\2-\3.part


If anyone else would be willing to provide an "ALLOW" entry for one or two
of our servers for NEXRAD2, we would be very appreciative.  (We're bringing
on several new servers over the next two or three months…with at least one
being 1Gbps…and we will be happy to share the bandwidth and spread the


Blair Trosper
Weather Data / Updraft Networks
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