[ldm-users] OU Stokes down


Those that are feeding from stokes.ou.edu need to move over to your failover. 
Stokes went down over the weekend. The machine is off site from where SoM is 
currently located. I am out of sorts recovering from knee surgery so am unable 
to quickly get to working on stokes. I hope to get the issue resolved in the 
next couple of days. 


  Dr. Mark J. Laufersweiler     |   
  School of Meteorology         | Professor: Please give me the
  University of Oklahoma        |            the definition of climate.
  laufers@xxxxxx                | 
  (405) 325-6032                | Student: That's what a kid does when       
  (405) 325-7689  (fax)         |          they see a tree!                     

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