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On Fri, 15 Jun 2012, Patrick L. Francis wrote:

Has anybody noticed some crazy signal - c/n action
on their noaaport signals lately? Gilbert is on vacation,
so I can't compare mine to his:

There have been some storms moving through, but
they do not exactly coincide with the interruptions...
I have alarms setup so that if signal or data lock
is lost for more then few seconds it will send an
alert, and over the last couple days there have been
several alerts :/

My second though was that there were some
nexrad data delays, so maybe they were making
adjustments for that :P

Yesterday, they had a full blown outage for almost
an hour. Today, they switched to the backup
uplink site at 15Z, and that site's uplink power
is down around 3.5 dB what the primary is, as both
our monitoring sites show. I'm still getting no
data issues where it is now, but I'm in trouble if
I get significant rain.

Back to my vacation,


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