Re: [ldm-users] Level3 NEXRAD Feed Issues?

Yes,  we have also noticed some latency with level 3 data early this morning
and for a time yesterday...


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Is anybody else noticing level3 feed latencies currently? I also noticed
them yesterday morning around 13z.  My notifyme command is running empty

$ notifyme -v -l - -f NNEXRAD -h Jun 14 15:49:08
notifyme[6972] NOTE: Starting Up: 
20120614154908.978 TS_ENDT {{NEXRAD3,  ".*"}} Jun 14 15:49:08 notifyme[6972]
NOTE: LDM-5 desired product-class: 
20120614154908.978 TS_ENDT {{NEXRAD3,  ".*"}} Jun 14 15:49:08 notifyme[6972]
INFO: Resolving to took 0.000882 seconds
Jun 14 15:49:09 notifyme[6972] NOTE: NOTIFYME( OK

This looks concerning:

This does as well:


  * Daryl Herzmann
  * Assistant Scientist -- Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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