Re: [ldm-users] Restoring Service after Firewall failure

On Mon, 21 May 2012, Phil Birnie wrote:

Hey Everyone,

Looking for a bit of help for our network administrators here.  Our firewall went down 
last Friday and our network admins are in the process of restoring it.  Nothing has been 
changed on our boxes (aside from a reboot once everything came back online), but we are 
still having issues getting data.   Before this outage, everything was working fine.   
We're now getting "Access denied messages" from our upstream hosts... (details 

Any help is very much appreciated.

Hi Phil,

I think the firewall is blocking all incoming (at least) connections on
port 388 still. Here's an easy way to check. At a command prompt on the
LDM ingester in question using the LDM account, type this:

% ldmping

You should see something like this:

May 22 03:46:18 INFO: State Elapsed Port Remote_Host rpc_stat May 22 03:46:18 INFO: Resolving to took 0.001652 seconds
May 22 03:46:18 INFO: RESPONDING   0.061400  388

Now, I don't have access to, so I will use them as an example.
Look what happens when I type this from one of my LDM servers:

% ldmping
May 22 03:47:38 INFO: State Elapsed Port Remote_Host rpc_stat May 22 03:47:38 INFO: Resolving to took 0.021817 seconds

Notice that there's no "RESPONDING" line, just a "Resolving" line. Given what you have told me, if you ldmping and you don't get a RESPONDING line back....a firewall is blocking you.


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