[ldm-users] ldm.tamu.edu appears to be ready for prime time

After a couple of weeks of dinking and some interesting troubleshooting (Thanks here to Mike Schmidt from Unidata for reducing the learning curve on LVS-DR) I believe we're ready for prime time for the new LDM cluster at Texas A&M University.

There are two options to start using the cluster instead of bigbird and sasquatch. 1. For instant gratification, point to ldm.tamu.edu which is active now. All requests that work on bigbird/sasquatch (or the round-robin CNAME idd) should work on the cluster as of now. 2. For those who've changed to use idd.tamu.edu, and don't care, you can leave things alone. Sometime in the next 48 hours, the round-robin CNAME will go away and idd.tamu.edu will be a cname for ldm.tamu.edu.

On 29 MAY, all ALLOW statements on bigbird and sasquatch will be disabled. Anyone who is still requesting from bigbird and sasquatch will see things stop working.

PLEASE let us know if there are problems (tamu-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx). Donna, Chris and I will be watching for errors and trying to anticipate reports, but you all know how things can run away from you. Also, if something's really a problem, let me know by cell (979.229.5301) and I'll try to get right on it.

Let the games begin!

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