Re: [ldm-users] NOAAport carrier/noise down considerably since primary switchover

Hi Stonie,

Do as you wish.  But NOAAPort does not exist for Gilbert, Stonie, the
IDD, or any other non-NOAA user of NOAAPort data.  It exists for NOAA.

We are incidental to the service.  As many European clients have told me
in the past, we are quite lucky to have NOAAPort so openly and freely,
and certainly in other political realms, such would be laughable.

True that. We both know that NOAAport is superior to government weather data service in the world---by a mile---heck, by a thousand miles.
And it's freely distributed after paying for it by tax dollars.

The fact that "a lot of people aren't getting the 16 SNR they should be
getting" sounds an awful like misplaced entitlement to me.  Regardless
of the weather or atmospheric possibilities, NCF is NOT the appropriate
contact to air your concern, as you indicated as your next plan of
action in your first email.

To be fair, though...while it exists for NOAA, there is support for
external users. And, as I've noted in the past, sometimes we notice
things going wrong before NOAA does. In those cases, I do think we
have a responsibility to report actual or perceived issues, to make
their service to everyone the very best possible. But, yes, I
should be correct in who I label as a contact: Jami is not NCF, but I
lumped him in there incorrectly. Jami is the person who I was going to
contact, so on that point, mea culpa.

If you have a concern, just drop a note to Jami.  Don't call NCF.

The former is done. :-)


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