[ldm-users] Making a move

As some of you have seen on social media, I'm moving from Texas A&M University to OU/CIMMS, to work with NSSL. My departure is imminent, but I'm trying to get some things cleaned up.

A&M's transition to a cluster environment similar to IDD.unicata.ucar.edu is virtually ready to go. I expect to put it up Tueasday 8 MAY) afternoon, and ask a few folks to test against it. I expect no problems, so I think it'll go off smoothly, and be ready for a general transition this week.

It's not gonna be bigibird and sasquatch anymore, because I've opted for less "cute" names, such as ldm.tamu.edu and idd.tamu.edu

Please transition now to idd.tamu.edu. That cname is pointed now at both bigbird and sasquatch. When we go operational with the cluster, it will be moved to point at the director node of the cluster, and NOT to the individual old servers. Part of the importance of this is that, at the time of the transition, bigbird and sasquatch will stop accepting connections save from the cluster, and solely on an internal interface and discrete port. These two machines will serve to provide the back-end services to the cluster and should keep us pretty well provisioned for data.

I've been asked to continue to support the LDM cluster and AWIPS2 infrastructure here, and I intend to do so. That said, please send problem notes and feed requests to tamu-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx so that our whole team can see them and we can act as soon as possible.

I expect I'll remain on this list, as I can envision keeping an LDM system going although the NSSL has plenty of data coming in. Still, I've gotten to where I like letting a pqact trigger do the heavy lifting for me!


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