Re: [ldm-users] 20120426: Unidata system downtime scheduled for Saturday, April 28

On Thu, 26 Apr 2012, Unidata User Support wrote:


Planned maintenance to some of UCAR's computer room infrastructure will
require several of Unidata's network-based services to be unavailable
this Saturday, April 28th 2012. Maintenance will occur between 6:00 am
and 3:00 pm Mountain Daylight Time (12 to 21 UTC).  Network downtime
for the affected systems is anticipated to be approximately two hours
starting at 6:00 am, but since the computer room's uninterruptible
power supplies will also be serviced, a power outage any time during
the maintenance period could cause additional downtime.

Hmmm. OK, well, here's how we can keep this issue to a whopping zero:
SSEC, U of I, Texas A&M (aka Pete, Dave and Gerry), make sure one of your
requests is to one of my machines for the NOAAport feed, as my dish
reception is excellent. Let me know, if you can, what server you'll be
hitting, and I'll turn on the NGRID feed from there. Gerry, don't worry,
as you already have access to my satellite dish ingester. Tier 1 sites me if you need help so we can keep the Tier 2's and lower on
the air.


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