[ldm-users] Set resource limits on LDM?

Hi all,

We're currently attempting to diagnose a problem on an LDM node which
we believe has a major backlog of data to download.  When we attempt
to start LDM, it quickly takes over all available memory and the load
skyrockets, until the server chokes and dies.  Server has 8 cores and
32 GB memory, and 8 GB swap.  As of right now, the load is over 600
and nearly all memory is in use.

We are not sure exactly what the cause of this issue is in LDM... only
that as soon as we start LDM, the load goes through the roof.

This issue occurred once before, which we solved with a memory upgrade
8GB->32 GB. Now it's happening again with more memory. :P

LDM version is 6.8.1.

Can anyone suggest a way to instruct LDM to rate-limit itself, or
otherwise set a resource limit so it doesn't murder the server it's


Adam DeConinck
Systems Application Engineer, R-HPC
Office - 217.954.1056 - Mobile - 347.709.2326
Email/GTalk - adam@xxxxxxxxx - Skype -  ajdecon

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