Re: [ldm-users] Missing surface data after 15 UTC?

I don't think this is a problem for the LDM.  Like Chiz mentioned, the
noaaportIngester code will discriminate between data types based on the
channel, product category and subcategory specified in the NOAAPort CCB.  I
don't mind separating products into various feed types.  Actually, I prefer

But clearly the METAR products were mislabeled on the SBN.  The only way I
could see an NGRID feed type was if the NOAAPort channel number was set to
6 (NWSTG2 channel).  So it was something NWS needed to clear up.  The
interesting part of this was that not all of the METAR products were
mislabeled.  Only about 2/3rds of the headers.  I'm not sure how that could
be accomplished??

For the setups that don't distinguish on the channel number, product type
or category, you would have seen the data.  But it's clear to me that IDD
doesn't push NGRID feed types out to the downstream LDMs.  I know NGRID is
not part of the catch-all WMO feed type.  Since we implemented
noaaportIngester and LDM 6.10 here, we've had to specifically request NGRID
for those GRIB2 products on NWSTG2.


The problem with the METARs yesterday probably resulted from the category
and subcategory being improperly set.

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 4:02 PM, Melanie Dean <mdean@xxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Has anyone sent this information to support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:
> support-ldm@unidata.** <support-ldm@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>>?  I don't
> know if we should be directing this problem to that address.
> Melanie Dean
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> On 3/15/2012 04:47 PM, daryl herzmann wrote:
>> On Thu, 15 Mar 2012, Pete Pokrandt wrote:
>>  Starting around 15 UTC, we noticed a huge decrease in surface obs coming
>>> through on DDPLUS. Any idea what is going on? I didn't see any admin
>>> messages about data loss or problems.
>> Is anybody getting the full feed and can save it so those of us loosing
>> data can recover?  Hopefully Unidata chimes in about this sooner than later.
>> daryl
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