Re: [ldm-users] Missing surface data after 15 UTC?

On Mar 15,  3:47pm, daryl herzmann wrote:
> Subject: Re: [ldm-users] Missing surface data after 15 UTC?
> On Thu, 15 Mar 2012, Pete Pokrandt wrote:
> > Starting around 15 UTC, we noticed a huge decrease in surface obs coming
> > through on DDPLUS. Any idea what is going on? I didn't see any admin
> > messages about data loss or problems.
> Is anybody getting the full feed and can save it so those of us loosing
> data can recover?  Hopefully Unidata chimes in about this sooner than
> later.

>From what I can see, we're operating normally.  I do not see SAUS70 KWBC
bulletins on our NOAAport ingest systems like Kevin suggested and Dan
confirmed should be there.  We're receiving NOAAport redundantly from
external sites (for IDD distribution) in the event our NOAAport ingest
fails or develops a problem.  That all seems to be working.

I can't answer the question if there was a header change.  Our data
experts are out-of-contact


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