Re: [ldm-users] Data Loss ??

On Wed, 14 Dec 2011, Jeff Lake wrote:

Did anybody else loose incoming data for a brief time around 17z ??
3 out of 4 servers in my system "wasReceived" my inbox
IDS|DDPLUS & NEXRAD3 dropped out for what looks like 6-10 minutes

strange the 4th didn't gripe about DDPLUS

just curious if Eastern Canada lost internet again, or what be??

Yeah, I had a 7 minute coronary when it went down (I got the messages as well). That, I think, was independent of the switchover (unless part of it went bad, I don't know). But I got two messages from the satellite receiver's LDM...looked over at the radar, noted no significant rain fade...and knew I had a problem. Hit the ldmadmin watch, and suddenly, after a minute, a burst of data came forth.

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