Re: [ldm-users] Data Loss ??

Rosie, Phil, Brice ...

Thanks for the confirmation ...
If I remember correctly .. today was the scheduled switch from backup to the main uplink

don't recall any ADM's

-Jeff Lake

On 12/14/2011 3:49 PM, Datacenter wrote:
Hi Jeff,

Yes. We at SSEC Data Center lost it between 1702z - 1712z .. Just happened to notice it on our ldmadmin watch at the time. I checked ldm stats for unidata's machines burns and jackie when it was happening and it looked like they were having the same problem.



On 12/14/11 2:44 PM, Jeff Lake wrote:
Did anybody else loose incoming data for a brief time around 17z ??
3 out of 4 servers in my system "wasReceived" my inbox
IDS|DDPLUS & NEXRAD3 dropped out for what looks like 6-10 minutes

strange the 4th didn't gripe about DDPLUS

just curious if Eastern Canada lost internet again, or what be??

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