Re: [ldm-users] changing pqinsert(1)'s exit status for a duplicate product

This would require us to modify a couple of scripts, but wouldn't "break" them per se. It would provide more insight into what is happening. I like it.


On 11/21/2011 05:40 PM, Steve Emmerson wrote:

This email is about the exit-status of the pqinsert(1) utility.

We're thinking about changing the exit-status of the pqinsert(1) utility
when it attempts to insert a data-product that is already in the
product-queue. Currently, pqinsert(1) exits with a status of zero (i.e.,
success) if it tries to insert a single file that's already in the
queue. We're thinking of changing that to the (currently undocumented)
value of 4.

The question is, would this change break any existing scripts? An
example of an affected script would be one that only checked if the exit
status was zero in order to determine success.

Do you know of any such scripts? If so, please tell me. Also, would it
be difficult to adapt such a script to the new exit-status?

Steve Emmerson
LDM developer

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