[ldm-users] sasquatch.tamu.edu, bigbird.tamu.edu: Network problems

This weekend, sasquatch.tamu.edu started seeing network problems and quto-negotiated/degraded to a 100Mb/s network connection. Troubleshooting today demonstrated that this is likely a failure of some of the campus network hardware. The hardware should be fixed tomorrow but could not be replaced this evening.

sasquatch is currently up but in a degraded operating state. I'll advise when things are back to normal/repaired.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

AT THIS TIME, bigbird.tamu.edu is continuing to operate at 1Gb/s but is on the same switch. There will likely be a brief outage of both systems, of less than 10 minutes, at some time tomorrow during the work-day when the hardware is replaced. I'm not likely to have much time to issue another notification prior to that event but will do so if possible.

And while we're at it, I may replace the hard drives on sasquatch, to address a SMARTD error condition we've been seeing on our SSDs. I'll make that decision tomorrow, but if I do replace the drives, sasquatch will be down for about another hour while it gets an OS upgrade and reinstallation of LDM.

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